Event Lighting Design & Production

We have a portable WYSIWYG system available for HIRE. For more information about WYSIWYG please contact us or visit CAST Softwares' WYSIWYG site.


What is WYSIWYG?


Basically WYSIWYG is a Computer Aided Design package developed specifically for the lighting industry by CAST software in Canada. It allows us to create lighting plots in 2D & 3D, generate and print plots up to A0, and generate all the paper work that the lighting / production company need to make the show happen in the real world. It also allows us to visualise what the show may look like before we get to site and even pre - program the show off-site saving valuable time and money. Just consider how expensive it would be to hire the venue, the lights and pay for the power days or weeks in advance just to allow lighting the time to program.


Once we have created some looks we can render  them to photo quality, showing shadows, reflections, haze smoke and video screens or LED walls.